Things to do in Langkawi Wildlife Park | Langkawi Wildlife Park

Things to do in Langkawi Wildlife Park


Things to do in Langkawi Wildlife Park

  1. Interaction with Raccoon
  2. Budgerigars Feeding
  3. Conquer the fear of snake
  4. Photos with Brahminy Kite
  5. Rabbits Feeding


Interaction with Raccoon

There are many Things to do in Langkawi Wildlife Park and here are a few that you should not miss. Interaction with Raccoon is a daily program in Langkawi Wildlife Park. There are around 8 Raccoons in Langkawi Wildlife Park which you can feed the Raccoons through the feeding hole along their enclosure. Among those Raccoons there are 3 individuals that would love to mingle around with you. Interaction with Raccoons in Langkawi Wildlife Park is a daily program that happen at 10:00am and 3:00pm. Do not miss out the chance to Interact with the Raccoons only at Langkawi Wildlife Park.

Interaction with Raccoons | Langkawi Wildlife Park Interaction with Raccoons | Langkawi Wildlife Park


Budgerigars Feeding

Budgerigars Feeding is one of the best if not the best experience that you can ever get with animals. You must be thinking how on earth a simple Budgerigars Feeding would be the best experience in the world. Well, Budgerigars Feeding in Langkawi Wildlife Park is different than other where the Budgerigars will fly up to your palm and feed on it. You can enjoy Budgerigars Feeding all day long in Langkawi Wildlife Park.

Budgerigars | Langkawi Wildlife Park


Conquer the fear of Snake

It is a norm for people to be afraid of the reptiles especially Snakes. In Langkawi Wildlife Park we help you to conquer your fear of Snake. There are two type of Snakes in Langkawi Wildlife Park, being the Burmese Python and the Reticulated Python. You can try to feel, touch or even hold a Burmese Python in your hands when you visit Langkawi Wildlife Park everyday on 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Conquer your fear of Snake | Langkawi Wildlife Park


Photos with Brahminy Kite

Do you know what symbolize Langkawi? Well, Brahminy Kite is the answer. The word Langkawi actually derives from two local words, where “Lang” came from the word “Helang”  which means Eagle, the Brahminy Kite and “Kawi” stands for reddish brown. Braminy Kite has long been the symbol of Langkawi and what is better than having a picture with the Symbol to show the world that you have visited Langkawi. You can come and have photos with Brahminy Kite everyday at 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

Photos with Brahminy Kite | Langkawi Wildlife Park


Rabbits Feeding

Have you actually notice just how cute the Rabbits are? There is a place called Rabbitland in Langkawi Wildlife Park where you will be surrounded with a large number of Rabbits just waiting for you to feed and pet them. Oh, Rabbits food are sell separately at RM3 per pack, just in case you want to feed them.

Rabbits Feeding | Langkawi Wildlife Park

These are some of the Things to do in Langkawi Wildlife Park but keep in mind that there are more animals awaiting for you to feed and interact with. Do not forget to visitor our facebook page and purchase ticket at here.

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