The Spectacular Longest Sssssawa of Malaysia.

Reticulated python has a striking pattern comprising zig-zag arrangement of black lines interspersed with yellow-brown and dark brown or medium grey patches, with minor areas of white. The head is elongated with dark line down the middle and the eyes are orange with vertical pupils. This species has a broad range across southeastern Asia, including Myanmar, Phillipines and Malaysia.

Reticulated pythons are polyandrous species where females also have several male counterparts mate with them in a single season. They are oviparous, with females laying 25 to 80 eggs that they will incubate for 80 to 90 days. During the incubation time, the mothers go through a fasting period and will produce muscular shivers to raise the temperature of the eggs during the cooler period. Pythons reproduce depending on climate change and need to be rich in prey for females to produce offspring.

The largest recorded Reticulated python in a zoological environment was 28.5 feet long and about 320 pounds. They are an excellent swimmer, smaller individuals will readily take water when disturbed, by swimming quickly down into the depth. The Reticulated pythons are nearly deaf and have poor eyesight. The python relies on their senses of smell and touch and its ability to sense vibration and heat to gain information about their environment.

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