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Saltwater Crocodiles have a reputation as a man-eater and deadly predators.

Saltwater crocodiles also known as estuarine crocodiles. They are enormous creatures and world’s largest living reptiles and largest crocodile in the world. The average male is 5 meter in length and weighs around 500 kg while females are significantly smaller with the average females saltwater crocodile measuring a little under 3 meter length and weighing less than 300 kg. Saltwater crocodiles are opportunistic predators as they lurk prey near the water’s edge and feed on anything they can get their jaws on including water buffalo, monkey and human.

Saltwater crocodiles must come ashore to warm up in the sun and to nest. They produce through internal fertilization , and females carefully look over their nest after laying a clutch of 50 eggs. In addition to protect their eggs from potential predators, females carry new hatching to nearby bodies of water to protect young for at least several months. The temperature of the nest in which eggs are lain determines the sex of the offspring. Lower incubation temperatures mostly females, higher temperatures mostly males.

Saltwater crocodiles can easily crush human with their jaws. A human can apply 100 pounds of pressure per square inch with their jaw, whereas a crocodile can apply to 5000 pounds of pressure per square inch with their jaws. Although they are known to attack humans, they are reported to kill on average less than one human per year. Did you know that crocodiles really sleep with one open? They are capable unihemispheric sleep which involves shutting down only half or their at a time, keeping the other half alert to danger.

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