Peafowl is a Peacock or Peahen?

Peacocks are large colorful pheasants known for their iridescent tails. Male peafowl are referred to as peacocks and female peafowl as peahens. Here in Langkawi Wildlife Park, we have variations of color such as blue, green and white peacocks.

Peafowl tail feathers or coverts spread out in distinctive train that is more than 60 percent of the bird’s total body length and boast colorful ‘eye’ marking of blue, gold, red, and other hues. The large train is used in mating rituals and courtship displays.  Females are believed to choose their mates according to the size, color and quality of these outrageous feather train.

Interesting fact is that the Indian Peafowl is the national bird of India and it is protected in that country. To hindus, the peafowl is a sacred bird and the spots in the peacock’s train symbolize the eyes of the gods. Apart from that, peafowl are mentioned in the bible as one of the most precious items brought from Asia by King Solomon’s ship.

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