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Meerkats have a strong structural hierarchy family.

Meerkats are small member of the mongoose family. They have long slender body and its tail not bushy like other mongoose species but it rather long, thin with tappers to a black tipped colored tail. While meerkats have been known to live up to 12 years while can live up to 15 years in captivity. Meerkats will eat insects, lizards, birds, and fruit.

Meerkats live in hierarchical family groups known as mobs or clans and together work together in numbers. A few typically serve as a lookouts, watching the skies for birds of prey such as hawks and eagles that can snatch them from the ground. A sharp,shrill is the signal to take over while a few individuals guard the group, the rest busy themselves foraging for the food that make up their varied diet. When hunting in small game, they work together and communicate with purring sounds.

It is a popular belief in the Zimbabwe and Zambian regions of Africa that meerkat is is a ‘sun angel’. It is said that they are sent by the gods to protect villages, straying cattle and lone tribesman from ‘moon devil’ or werewolf. The name ‘sun angel’ was likely applied to the meerkat due to their glowing appearance in the morning sunlight during their routinely sun-basks.

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