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Marmoset are small New World Monkeys?

How to recognise a marmoset from any other monkey groups in the world? Marmoset are small monkey with large white ear tuff, alternating dark and pale bond on its tail. They are omnivorous animal that eat on gum, fruits and animal prey such as insects and spiders. Marmoset can be found in area plantation or scrub with home rage need at least 50 gum trees and they lifespan known to be 16 years in captivity.

Male and female of marmoset have different age to reach sexual maturity. Male sexual maturity is 16 months while female is 12 months. The gestation period is 4 to 6 month and they can give birth twice a year. Marmoset are monogomous and the youngsters in the troop help with the care of the babies.

Marmoset derived from french “marmouset” which mean loosely, shrimp or dwarf which mean they are smallest of the true monkey. Another interesting facts about common marmoset is they can give birth to non-identical twin which unusual trait for primate. Sadly for them, they are often being used as a research on human aging and disease because their bodies are very close to there of as humans.

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