Crown Crane | Langkawi Wildlife Park

Like humans, Grey Crowned Crane date-and choose partner in a long process.

The Grey Crowned Crane has a grey body, white wings with feathers ranging white to brown to gold. Their head topped with stiff golden feather white, cheek patches, red gular sac under chin and black legs and feet. Their lifespan ranges between 22-25 of years and diet mainly consist of tips of grasses, seed, insects, groundnuts and millet.

Like any other birds in the world, grey crowned crane also has a breeding display involving dancing, bowing, and jumping. The couples dance together and preen one another’s necks which helps strengthen their bond. During their breeding season, crane shows a highly territorial behavior and breeding couples build nests in or along edges of the wetlands where they lay up to four eggs at a time.

The Grey Crowned Crane also known as national symbol and national bird of Uganda. A group of crane can be called as sedge, seige  or herd. However, Grey Crowned Crane is a non-migratory bird, they move locally and seasonally according to food sources.

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