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Jenday conures and Sun conures look identical but are they the same?

Jenday conures have very dark green back feathers with blue-tipped wings. They have green wings, an orange front, and a yellow head. Jenday conures have a natural lifespan of 30 years. They have come from wooden habitats of Northern Brazil.

Sun Conures have varieties of plumage that shades of red, yellow, green, orange, blue, and some birds, tones of violet. They have a distinctive features of bare white patches of skin around the eyes, known as ‘eye ring’. They originating from South America.

Both Jenday conures and Sun conures are two different species of beautiful birds but they almost identical to each other in appearance and behavior. Both of them always being kept as a pet due to their vivid beautiful colors. Apart from that, they are very playful and can learn to talk which make them adorable among parrot’s owner. They also have the same characteristic size of medium size bird and lifespan of 30 years.

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