Raccoon | Langkawi Wildlife Park

I wear a mask but not a Skunk.

I wear mask but I am not a Skunk, who am I? I am a Common Raccoon that native to North America, but you can still find me at Langkawi WildLife Park. 

Common Raccoon being as cute as it is, is actually consider as a pest in North America. Firstly, what is considered as a pest? A pest is an animals or insects that cause problems, including damage or destruction, for people. Raccoons in addition to creating a mess of the garbage cans, raccoons can also ruin gardens, crops and are also known to make a home in buildings’ roofs, damaging your home or your business’s insulation, shingles, electrical wiring and more.

Raccoon’s meals range from small insects to fishes to fruits and vegetables. The Raccoon is an intelligent and inquisitive animal. The hairless front feet are highly dexterous and resemble slender human hands, the hind feet being thicker and longer. Raccoon tends to uses it fore limb to grab and wash its food before consuming it. 

Here in Langkawi WildLife Park, you will have the opportunity to play with them and watch just how fluffy they are. 

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