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How big is a Lesser Mouse-deer?

Lesser Mouse-deer has a fur mainly reddish-brown, with markings on the neck and under parts is pale. The legs are delicate and slender while the body arched and tail usually tucked beneath the hind-quarters. Lesser Mouse-deer is well known for its shy, diminutive and even-toed ungulate. They measures have a head body length of less than 50 cm long and weighing in only at 1-2 kg.

Males of Lesser Mouse-deer have small protruding canines beneath the chin, a swollen intra-mandibular gland which is used for territorial marking and in reproductive behavior. Females also possess this gland but it is much less swollen than in males. Females mouse-deer may give to a single fawn at any time of year and newborn fawn is precocial and stand within thirty minutes at being born.

Interesting fact about Lesser Mouse-deer is that they are well known for Sang Kancil which is the diminutive but wise mouse-deer that holds a place of pride in Malay and Indonesian folklore. They are the tiny hero cunning and intelligent and able to prevail over large tyrants and foes. Sadly for them, they are being taken by humans most for their meats and skins.

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