The Brahminy Kite is one of the medium-sized raptors with a white head and breast. The rest of of is body is striking chestnut brown. The wings are broad with dark ‘fingered’ wing tips and tail is short. Brahminy kite feed on carrion, insects and fish and they have around 30 years of lifespan. The […]
The Grey Crowned Crane has a grey body, white wings with feathers ranging white to brown to gold. Their head topped with stiff golden feather white, cheek patches, red gular sac under chin and black legs and feet. Their lifespan ranges between 22-25 of years and diet mainly consist of tips of grasses, seed, insects, […]
The Budgerigars are colorful little birds that native to Australia. There are a number of variations among the Budgerigars, being the different colors of feathers. Yellow and green is the dominant color with blue is the recessive. There are also other variation of color, which mostly are mutated colors, such as violet. Budgerigars sleep by […]

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