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Do Malayan Porcupine really shoot their quills under threats?

Malayan Porcupines have large and stout-bodied that are covered with sharp quills which are seen a modified hair. Quills on their upper body parts rough with black white or yellow stripes. Malayan Porcupines have 27 lifespan of age. Their habitat include primary and secondary forest, cultivated area and plantation. They are herbivorous which diet consist  of roots, tubers, bark and fallen fruits.

Malayan Porcupines live in small groups and forage at night and rest at day. They also live in burrows which has a network of traits that lead into surrounding habitat. A group of Malayan Porcupine can be called prickle. Female Malayan Porcupine can give birth to  two litters annually. Gestation period last around 110 days.

Malayan Porcupines have naturally predator usually large cat like leopard and large snake. It’s actually a myth that porcupine shoot their quills on their victim under threat but instead their defense mechanism is they will leap and protruding their quills into body parts of the victim and detach their quills when touched. Malayan Porcupine are endangered because of over-hunting and over population into their habitat. Apart from that, there are tribes a people who eat them and use their quills for decorative purpose.

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