Christmas Celebration at Langkawi Wildlife Park

December 24, 2011

Although the Christmas celebrations in Malaysia celebrated without the presence of snow, the Malaysia citizens are still celebrating it in a crazy mood. Same as Langkawi WildLife Park (WLP), this year’s Christmas celebrations are full of surprises. Some people said ‘Sharing is Caring’, so that is what we offer here at WLP during Christmas Eve.

Among the interesting things are our Educators (internal guide service) wearing full set of Christmas attire, Christmas tree decorated with real birds’ egg (such as Ostrich, Emu, Peacock & etc) with colourful of lights, Santa Clause run towards visitors everywhere inside park with special gifts and special food enrichment gave to our animals (such as cinnamon for Macaws and cookies for monkeys). This uniqueness is intentionally to create an intense feeling and memorable experience towards visitors. As year 2011 just ended, we would like to thank and appreciate everyone especially the media for the great support in sharing their precious time with our park, staff, and animals. Hopefully, in year 2012, there would be more anticipating events, fascinating moments and full of surprises that will take place at WLP.

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