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Chestnut-fronted macaws are mini macaws with big brains and intelligent.

Chestnut-fronted macaws are mostly shimmery green with dark, chestnut-colored patches on their forehead and under their beaks. The crown of their head has a patch of iridescent blue feathers and they bear distinctive red patches on the edges on their wings. Chesnut-fronted macaws exhibit classic bare macaw facial patches and it is a monomorphic bird which means that males and females are identical. Chestnut-fronted macaws can be expected to live up to 30 years or even longer in some.

Chestnut-fronted macaws nest in a hole in a tree. The eggs are white and there are usually two or three in a clutch. The females incubate the eggs for about 28 days and the chicks fledge from the nest about 70 years after hatching. Juveniles of Chesnut-fronted macaws have dark grey eyes and shorter tails. They will reach reproductive maturity when they are about 3 to 4 years old.

Chestnut-fronted macaws are some of the smartest mini macaws since they are capable of learning full phrases simply by listening to people in the house.  They will likely learn from hearing you and other members of your family speak. They can also teach their mini macaws basic tricks such as handshake or dance. Aside from that, Chesnut-fronted macaws are also curios and they love puzzles and games and can become enamored by shiny things.

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