Wedding Photoshoot at Langkawi Wildlife Park

November 30, 2013

Newly married couple having a photoshoot wedding in Langkawi Wildlife Park. Great day for us, memorable moment for them.

Visit by famous celebrities Lisa Surihani & Yusri KRU

October 28, 2013

Travel Bloggers to Travel Vloggers

September 2, 2013

10 international and local bloggers have visited us on 28 Oct 2013 (Wednesday). Its an honor to give our service and show them the interesting journey inside the park. full of interactions and what a great day in Langkawi Wildlife Park.

A Big Welcome To Our New Emu Chicks

September 1, 2013

The Emu chicks were hatched by Gerard Woong of The Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary in Melaka on the 23 June & 6 July 2013 after 55 day in an incubator that needs turning 3 times daily.

In normal circumstances, the male will do the sitting and will not eat till the eggs hatch and feeding them till they go on their own. So to say, this is female supremacy here.

As chicks, they have white strips of feather running the length of their body acting as a camouflage.

Emu can grow to 6 feet tall and is the 2nd largest living flightless bird in the world and native to Australia. An Ostrich would grow up to 9 feet tall. It moves at 50 km per hour, strides of 275 cm and also swims. It diet is seeds and insects. They even use some stones to grind their food. They can have a life span of 20 years in healthy environments.

Happy Merdeka Day

August 31, 2013

Merdeka celebration at Langkawi Wildlife Park was celebrated with highly Merdeka spirits. Many events were created for visitors such as face painting, animal talk show, crocodile feeding, pelican feeding, hornbill feeding, and many more.

Happy Merdeka 56th !!!!

Andaman Charity Event (for UNICEF) at Telaga Harbour Park

October 13, 2012

The event was held at Telaga Harbour Park and organized by Andaman Resort for UNICEF to celebrate the children. Langkawi WildLife Park was one of volunteers in the event and we brought our cute animals such as Bunny rabbits, Hedge Hog, Guinea Pigs, and Cockatoo to share great interaction experience with animals.

Cooking “Kuih Loyang”

August 17, 2012

The activity is related to Hari Raya Aidilfitri which our staff cooked the Malay traditional food named ‘Kuih Loyang’ at our lobby. The ‘kuih loyang’ is made using special ingredients and we provided to our guests as souvenir and for them to have a taste of it.

Coconut Peel Competition & Make Houses for Budgerigars

June 19, 2012

About 20 WLP staffs had joined the competition and they were divided into 4 groups. Basically, the competition has 2 rounds: coconut peel contest & making of houses for budgerigars using the same coconut. The first round was won by team Jay Jay and team Senget as the winner for second round.

Christmas Event and New Year Celebration at Hotels & Resorts in Langkawi

December 31, 2011

From 24th December 2011 until 1st January 2012, many special events were held at hotels and resorts around Langkawi in conjunction with Christmas Eve and New Year Celebration.

Among the hotels are The Danna, Berjaya, The Andaman, Sheraton, and Four Seasons. So for the success of the events, Langkawi WildLife Park was invited by them to have an interesting activity at their place together with our beloved animals. All of the events were fully crowded with people due to such a rare opportunity to be close with our amazing animals. Taking pictures with birds, putting snakes around the neck, holding cute guinea-pig in kids’ bare hands are something that cannot be missed. This kind of close interaction can create a beautiful bond between human and animals and this memorable experience will always be in their mind forever.

Thus, special thanks to hotels and resorts who has invited us to share our beautiful animals with other people and hopefully this collaboration will be continuously done in future.

Christmas Celebration at Langkawi Wildlife Park

December 24, 2011

Although the Christmas celebrations in Malaysia celebrated without the presence of snow, the Malaysia citizens are still celebrating it in a crazy mood. Same as Langkawi WildLife Park (WLP), this year’s Christmas celebrations are full of surprises. Some people said ‘Sharing is Caring’, so that is what we offer here at WLP during Christmas Eve.

Among the interesting things are our Educators (internal guide service) wearing full set of Christmas attire, Christmas tree decorated with real birds’ egg (such as Ostrich, Emu, Peacock & etc) with colourful of lights, Santa Clause run towards visitors everywhere inside park with special gifts and special food enrichment gave to our animals (such as cinnamon for Macaws and cookies for monkeys). This uniqueness is intentionally to create an intense feeling and memorable experience towards visitors. As year 2011 just ended, we would like to thank and appreciate everyone especially the media for the great support in sharing their precious time with our park, staff, and animals. Hopefully, in year 2012, there would be more anticipating events, fascinating moments and full of surprises that will take place at WLP.

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