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Cassowaries are deadliest and dangerous birds in the world.

Cassowaries are striking to look at with a vivid blue face, two red wattles hanging from their neck and a casque on top of their heads. It is covered in dense, two-quilled black feathers from a distance look like a hair. Female cassowaries are larger than males and even more brightly colored. They are well known to live up to 19 years in the wild and 40 years in captivity. 

Male or female cassowaries may initiate courtship. If male initiates, female chases male at first but then allows male to approach and feed together. Once the eggs are laid which about three to six green eggs. It is the male sole responsibility to incubate eggs which takes around 50 days. Once the eggs are hatch, males raise the chicks and reaches the young cassowaries to forage. Young cassowaries reach maturity at around 3 years. 

The cassowaries are considered the most dangerous bird in the world. Each 3-toed foot have a dagger-like claw on the inner toes that is up to 4 inches long. They can slice open any predators or potential threat with a a single swift kick. Powerful legs help to run cassowaries up to 31 miles per hour through the dense forest underbush. The first confirmed human death attributes to cassowary in April 1926 when the victim received a fatal blow to the neck.

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