Budgerigars, the colorful little bird

The Budgerigars are colorful little birds that native to Australia. There are a number of variations among the Budgerigars, being the different colors of feathers. Yellow and green is the dominant color with blue is the recessive. There are also other variation of color, which mostly are mutated colors, such as violet.

Budgerigars sleep by grasping on small branches with one foot which raising the other foot to their chest and turning their heads backward to rest on their shoulder. The most unique part is that they can even sleep in an upside down position.

Budgerigar typically drink during the morning, lapping up to 5.5% of their body weight daily! But living in an arid environment they’re very ‘water hardy’. If there’s no standing water nearby, they’ll drink early morning dew and ‘bathe’ in wet grass.

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