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Blue and Gold Macaws can mimic human vocalization?

Blue and Gold macaws are named for its beautiful blue body with a dark lemon-yellow chest. It have a black beak with a strip of green feathers on its top head, feathery black ‘beard’ just below in. Macaws have 50-60 years of lifespan age. They mainly diet eating nuts, seeds, and fruits and they have a strong beaks are used to crush seeds and break open nut shells. 

Blue and Gold macaws tend to enjoy being with flock mates but during the breeding season they do partner off to raise their young. Macaws communicate with each other by loud screaming and squawking calls. They form monogamous pairs and mate for life and they gain sexual maturity when they are 3 to 4 years old. 

Did you know? As with humans, macaws do not talk when they are eating and so it’s not easy to see them at the time. Apart from that, avocados and cherries are toxin for macaws. Macaws are playful and inquisitive and do mimic human vocalization very well.

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