A Big Welcome To Our New Emu Chicks

September 1, 2013

The Emu chicks were hatched by Gerard Woong of The Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary in Melaka on the 23 June & 6 July 2013 after 55 day in an incubator that needs turning 3 times daily.

In normal circumstances, the male will do the sitting and will not eat till the eggs hatch and feeding them till they go on their own. So to say, this is female supremacy here.

As chicks, they have white strips of feather running the length of their body acting as a camouflage.

Emu can grow to 6 feet tall and is the 2nd largest living flightless bird in the world and native to Australia. An Ostrich would grow up to 9 feet tall. It moves at 50 km per hour, strides of 275 cm and also swims. It diet is seeds and insects. They even use some stones to grind their food. They can have a life span of 20 years in healthy environments.

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