Arapaima is the largest freshwater fish.

Arapaima fishes have tapered, copperish-green head, upturned mouth, and scaly streamline bodies that are black with a white center. A dorsal fin stretches along their backs toward their massive tails which are red. They are obligated to air breathers and can only stay underwater for 10 to 20 minutes. Arapaima fishes exclusively inhabit the Amazon River Basin of South America.

Arapaima fishes lays their eggs during the dry seasons from February to April. The eggs hatch at the beginning of the wet seasons between October and November when there is plenty of food. Adult males play a usual reproductive role by incubating tens of thousands of eggs in their mouths, guarding them aggressively, and moving them necessary. Parents communicate with their offspring by means of attractive pheromones which keep offspring near the parents.

Arapaima fish is one of the largest freshwater fish species, the giant can grow up to 15 feet long and weight up to 440 pounds. Apart from that, they create a vacuum when they open their mouth. Opening their large mouth creates a vacuum that sucks their prey in. While they usually eat fish, they will eat just about anything that comes in the water including fruits, seeds, insects, birds, and mammals.

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