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Welcome to Langkawi Wildlife Park, journey to the great world of animals!

Enjoy new exposures to some amazing, fun, and close interactions with our animals as well as a special services from our internal guide as they accompany you along your journey inside the park. Feel the animals’ sense inside you by touching them, feeding them and have up-close interactions with some unique species.

Your memorable journey will begin with a warm greeting from our internal guides, the sounds of macaw increasing the mood, and the funny flamingos’ posing waiting for your arrival. Sun-flower seeds and peanuts as a favourite food for macaw and fish pellets for flamingos become a warm-up for the close interaction concept at our place.

Various types of animal foods are sold inside the park as a complementary activity in your journey. With an animal food at your hand, the interactive guidance from our internal guide will show you how to feed our animals in the proper manner and also to share new knowledge about our animals’ diet.

Feeling the breeze of cool environment at our pond area with the sound of waterfall surrounded by beautiful mandarin ducks playing around the pond is something unusual to be seen.

One step towards the new amazing adventure as new animals and species greet you excitedly, section by section with amazing postures, interesting rhythm of sounds as more fun interactions continue. A memorable experience will not be complete without memorable photos taken with our animals. Thus, it becomes a strange hobby among our internal guides to ‘borrow’ visitor’s camera and take memorable pictures for visitors.

Smiling white raccoons, vicious giant crocodiles open its mouth under sunlight and tireless colourful pheasants moving around in their cage are part of our variety of species of mammals, reptiles, birds, and so on.

The best moment of your journey is still to come whereby the main section is surely the ‘Aviary Section’, the new world of Tropical area and the place full of ‘Love birds’. Also known as Budgerigars, seeds as their favourite meal, these friendly birds are very close with people as they like to eat seeds from your palm. You will feel the tickling sensations from head to toe which is something unforgettable. As long as we sharing our ‘love’ with them, they will definitely share their ‘love’, too. As your journey continues in the “Aviary’, have a big laugh by joining our main activity, the ‘Animal Talk Show‘, whereby many crazy surprises are waiting for you.

Porcupine feeding, ostrich feeding, arapaima feeding, monkeys feeding and a lot more animals feeding can be found in your next journey.

Therefore, come and join us and let us fulfil your childhood dreams to be very close with animals and have a real close-interaction in our animal world.

Langkawi Wildlife Park

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